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Why Custom USB Drives Are a Necessity for Your Business

Custom USB . Aug. 18, 2022


There have been a lot of technological advancements when it comes to storage devices like floppies, CDs, etc., but USB drives have always been a popular and most preferred choice by people across the globe. Even though there have been a lot of advancements in storage, given its ease of use, compatibility, and compact nature, the USB flash drives remain one of the tops used storage devices. Almost every industry uses a computer for various business processes and hence nowadays businesses are making use of USB flash drives, to not just store data but also as promotional merchandise. This brought forward the concept of custom USB drives which are now used across businesses for various reasons. Let’s see some of the reasons why custom USB drives are used by businesses.

Helps in Brand Awareness

While a marketer struggles to get impressions on his recently launched campaign, a custom thumb drive helps imprint the brand name onto the potential audience’s mind. This primarily works in places where the convincing needs to happen at a B2B level than a B2C level since it helps reach the B2B audience right at their workplace.

Let’s take an example of a photocopier manufacturing company using custom USB flash drives for their marketing. If the marketer makes sure that it is distributed to the IT teams of different companies, that helps the business become a market leader in the minds of every user who uses the custom USB which eventually translates into business.

Thanks to custom USB sticks, businesses have now become creative in spreading the word of their business as it continually reminds people about your business on a day-to-day basis. It just doesn’t boost brand recognition, but it also helps employees get a sense of trust, and also helps build business credibility.

Serves as a Business Card

Let’s take a simple example of ourselves, how many times have we saved a business card and used it to contact the business after years. We are pretty sure that no one saves all the business cards they receive. That being the sad state of business cards, wouldn’t you grab the opportunity if we tell you that your business card could be right in the pocket of your potential audience.

Custom USB drives can have your contact details and business services which reminds the user about your business every time he uses them and what’s better than being constantly in the mind of the potential audience.
Suitable for Every Industry

As mentioned earlier USB flash drives are used by every industry making them the perfect gift for anyone. The low cost of these USBs also makes them the best option when you are running on a shoestring budget. So now your marketer can easily walk to any potential client and hand over a custom USB drive with a short presentation of your pitch and this easily gives him an edge over the others. The pitch can also be made as an undeletable file so that it stays with the drive and everyone who sees the drives gets a view of the presentation.

Attracts New Customers

Custom USB drives encourage new customers to engage with your business. They help increase the chances of potential customers checking out your business’ website and social media pages after looking at your business’ customized USB to get more details of your business.


The personalized flash drives are a versatile option that comes in different styles, offering multiple functions that can make them even more valuable. The low cost associated with it along with its higher value makes them one of the best goodies that can be added to your corporate gifting bag.

The Perfect Gift to Everyone Who Works for Your Business

It is easily portable – helps employees to transfer data quickly – gives a sense of belonging (my company’s USB feel) – a pride for them in house and among friends – shows you as an industry leader which aids in hiring as people will be more convinced to join a successful brand

It also serves as a perfect gift to your colleagues as it helps them feel associated with the company. With multiple advantages, the custom USB drives are a mandatory product in every annual purchase order. If you need help in getting custom USB drives for your business visit our website for more details or reach out to us at sales@customusbmemory.com


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