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Innovative ways to use USB as a marketing tool

Custom USB . Aug. 18, 2022


USB flash drives are among the most celebrated inventions amongst IT people and even in general. A small stick that fits in your pocket can carry crucial information. You can transfer, erase and move your important files, data, documents, and presentations anywhere. And we are talking about some gigabytes of data.

Is USB Drive a new buzz?
Not at all! USB flash drives are something that everyone carries everywhere, especially in professional setups like meetings, conferences, and presentations. We have seen in corporate culture that diaries, pens, cups, etc. things are used as promotional tools for many years. Now that work culture has adopted digitization. After decades of this invention, USB flash drives are now not just used for their conventional use but also widely used as a promotional tool.

USB Flash drives are used for branding by small and large-scale companies. Every professional owns a personal USB flash drive, sometimes multiple ones. Moreover, even if a USB is not used, no one will throw it in a garbage bag. It lasts for 7-8 years. Marketers understood the importance of USB drives and started using them as a promotional tool.

Why do Companies Consider USB Flash Drives?
Companies create customized USB Flash drives with their brand logo, prototype color code, and essential information like company name or website. Once Management finalizes the best impactful design for a drive that will speak for their brand, they give bulk orders to the companies that built customized USB Drives. Employees of the company then use branded USB drives.

As a valuable gift for clients and business associates, a memorable giveaway for friends, family, and co-workers will earn brand loyalty within your Inner circle of business. Also, it will increase brand awareness as people will carry USBs with the company logo at many places and might discuss the brand as well.

What are the innovative ways to use USB as a marketing tool?

Business Cards
Gone are the days when people used to give hard printed business cards. Flash drives, on the contrary, can be the most brilliant way to use them as business cards. Flash drives can be ordered in the shape of business cards with your company’s logo and custom text printed on the front. It will be an excellent starting gift for new business relations and work for brand recall to your clients.

Pre-Loaded Files
Moving one step ahead from business cards, You can upload product brochures, product catalogs, proposals (if already discussed), and other digital files you usually send through mail. This is even helpful where you have to share heavy or secured digital files with your valuable patronages. It will save you a considerable printing cost of marketing materials.

To add more creativity to it, you can add accessories such as a keychain, flashlight, touch pen, normal pen, and opener to customized USB drives. The added functionality will most likely increase the use of USB drives even when it is not used with computers. You can create customized USB drives with multiple colors and designs with your logo to give your patrons or employees a personalized feel. Also, USB drives can be manufactured in different outlook designs like cars, lipstick, superhero creatures, etc. You can design it to resemble your product. For example, if you are a manufacturer of sports items, you can create a USB shaped like a Bat, football, bicycle, etc.

How can Companies get an advantage from USB Drive Marketing?

We all know promotions lead to more sales and more revenue. When it comes to business promotions, various promotional products are effective forms of marketing. Then why should companies go for USB drive marketing? Sounds interesting, right? Let’s have a look!

  • USB drives are more valuable assets than conventional marketing tools like pens, calendars, cups, keychains, or diaries.
  • USB drives can be built 3-4 inches long, giving you enough space for the brand logos and essential information.
  • USB drives can be built in multiple colors, designs, and sizes.
  • To add more functionality, you can add accessories like a flashlight, touch pen.
  • USB drive marketing is not limited to a Professional environment. Schools, NGOs, and Political parties can distribute their logo printed USB drives to students, employees, or members.
  • USB drives last for several years, making them a more favorable promotional tool than other things.
  • Professionals get attached to their USB drives as it carries so much personal and professional data, so your brand can create a personalized bond through USB marketing.
  • The brand name on USB often becomes its identity, and people start referring to it with the brand name only as ‘Give me Custom USB memory USB Flash Drive”. This is the best way to create brand awareness and likeability for the brand.

At first, one can feel marketing through customized USB drives is costly, but considering its benefits and durability for several years, it is cost-effective. Companies get a lot of options, thanks to the customization of USB drives.

They can save a lot of printing costs by using USB drives to share marketing materials and create brand awareness. That is how business owners can effectively use USB Drives for marketing seamlessly with maximum return.


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