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Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Promotional USBs

Custom USB . Aug. 18, 2022


The use of promotional products, such as USBs, pens, mugs, and t-shirts, offers your business a great chance to stand out from the competition and be seen by potential customers and clients. In spite of that, lots of small businesses still make mistakes when it comes to promotional products.

Our favorite option for corporate gifting would be Custom USB drives. Custom flash drives are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and ease of use. All a user has to do is plug them into any USB port and their information will be readily available. Newer vehicles are now equipped with technology that allows for movies, audio, or any other type of media to be easily accessed on the road, furthering the popularity of logo flash drives.

No Defined Objectives

Your promotional USB strategy needs to be based on the purpose of what you want to send out. Are you trying to drive traffic to your website? Are you looking for newsletter sign-ups, or do you just want to create brand awareness within a particular demographic? It’s imperative to figure this out before you even start ordering stuff because each purpose may require a different product approach, style, or distribution.

When you have a goal in mind, it will help to inform the decisions you make about your USB design and distribution. This is similar to any other marketing strategy — if you don’t have a specific goal, you’re more likely to fail before you even start. Keep your end-game in mind as you make decisions about your product.

Unexciting Custom USB Drive Designs

Promotional USBs are a dime a dozen. If you’re in a saturated market, simply slapping a company logo on a trinket may not be enough to get customers interested. In situations like this, it’s important to think outside the box and get creative with your promotional USB strategy. One way to do this is by personalizing each USB according to the recipient. For example, if you’re giving away pens, consider engraving each one with the customer’s name. This way, they’ll be more likely to remember your brand when they see your product in use.

Customized USB flash drives are a great way to show your clients and employees that you care about their convenience and security. A personalized USB drive also shows that you are innovative and up-to-date with the latest trends.

Your brand’s colors and slogan are integral when it comes to catching people’s attention and inspiring them to take action. Selecting the right design, color palette, and wording is key to getting people interested in your brand.

Not Keeping Your Audience in Mind

A common mistake is choosing a promotional product that you think looks cool as opposed to one that would actually be useful for your audience. It can be tempting to go for something trendy or unique, but it’s more important to think about what your key demographic would appreciate.

For example, a business card USB would make a great promotional item if you’re in the IT industry. But if you’re in the education industry, it wouldn’t send the right message and there are other products that would be more appropriate such as wristband USB drives or a completely customized USB flash drive.

Not Ordering Well in Advance

Many businesses order just promotional products just a few days before their main event. Many might recommend ordering a few weeks in advance. But at CustomUSBMemory we have a select few top-selling flash drives now available for rush production for those projects and deadlines that require a little more urgency than normal. We can deliver drives as early as the following business day, and in some cases on Saturday.


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