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Types of USBs available at Custom USB Memory

Custom USB . Aug. 18, 2022

USB Flash Drives

Every business owner is searching for a strategic, cutting-edge marketing process in this fast-paced era. Promotional USB flash drives are highly versatile marketing tools because of the nearly limitless range of sizes, capacities, and formats. These are highly cost-effective, and people worldwide frequently use these devices. First-time buyers may find this intimidating at first. But, the outcome it offers is second to none!

To begin with, what is a Flash Drive?

A device’s memory can be volatile or non-volatile, depending on the purpose of the memory. The USB flash drive is non-volatile. A power source must be used to save, transfer and put data on the device. It is, nevertheless, capable of retaining the data it contains even while not connected to an external power source.

Is there a standard for flash drives? No, that’s not the case. Some USB flash drives are better than others. They differ in numerous ways, including look, usage, storage capacity, speed, and ports. A USB flash drive’s use, size, look, and other attributes can be used to classify it into a variety of categories. We’ll take a look at a few of them in more detail.

DE Custom Flash Drive

The DE Style customized USB drive is an industry leader in USB flash drive marketing. Its bespoke color selection offers the most hues to fit any company logo or brand. It’s excellent for an effective, low-cost advertising campaign because it communicates your message without fuss.

SWM Custom Flash Drives

USB drives manufactured by SWM Style are fitted with a unique metal swivel cap. The SWM is a popular choice among fans. Thanks to the limitless possibilities, the SWM thumb drive has various design options that will meet your needs and clientele! In a matter of seconds, you’ll be ready to go.

Ubie Ninja Custom Flash Drive

This flash drive’s dual USB ports make it stand out! The Ubie Ninja works with Type-A and Type-C connectors. You can flip this flash drive like a ninja when you require a specific connector. The solid metal exterior makes this drive attractive and durable against wear and tear. This high-tech flash drive will help your business achieve perfection.

Wrist Style Custom Flash Drive

Our wrist-style USB drives are a playful and beautiful twist on wearable technology that looks like a bracelet. Wristband flash drives are easy to hold, find, and manage. Any trademark or piece of artwork can be easily incorporated into your design. Available in numerous shining hues, these custom-printed USB flash drives are perfect for advertising your business when it’s being worn.

Card Flip Custom Flash Drive

Industry-standard four-color stamping with custom color matching is available on Card Flip flash drives. Card Flip promotional USB drives are popular because of their large print area and business card design. Vibrant color and edge-to-edge printing deliver stunning clarity for your company’s logo and brand information. With these first-rate card flip flash drives, nearly unlimited marketing possibilities.

Keychain Custom Flash Drive

This useful flash drive is designed to be worn as a key chain. The body is thick Aluminium metal, with a key loop opening and a polished finish, making it lightweight and small. Thanks to the color imprinting on either side, these USB drives are personalized. These devices are a constant reminder of your individuality in the workplace.

Pro Pen Custom Flash Drives

This is a specialized flash drive with an avant-garde design, making it luxurious. This line of executive promotional USB drives features an ergonomically shaped leather grip and velveteen inner lining for added softness and comfort. Customized Pro Pen Style USB drives are excellent corporate presents or promotional items since our lifetime warranty backs them.

WDR7 Custom Flash Drives

These eye-catching promotional USB flash drives are a popular choice. Designed with a smooth wood finish casing, it has a dash of elegance, making it long-lasting and visually appealing. Your clients will adore these customized drives’ design and feel. Get your company’s logo carved into the wood of Pine! Everything looks elegant on this, thanks to the wooden design!

Card-Tab Custom Flash Drives

The newfangled Custom USB business cards are a new spin on the paper business card. Thanks to the small 4mm-thick card with a powerful pinch, this fits easily in your wallet. You can use the Card-Tab to print your company’s logo on our most appealing and durable flash drive. As a web key, this flash drive can send your client to your website as soon as they plug it in.

Curve Custom Flash Drives

For those looking for something simple and versatile, this one is for you! The Curve is a wonderful promotional product because of its unlimited customization choices. Your company’s professional image will be enhanced for years to come. Using a metallic body with sturdy plastic finish results in a sharp display that looks great with your company’s logo or label.

So now what?

Custom Flash drives are a great way to distinguish yourself from your competition and make an everlasting first impression on your target audience. You get whatever you want as per your requirement and stand out!

Custom USB Memory has a wide range of 45+ Custom USB Flash Drives that you will love! You also get effortless 24-hour rush service. So, what is stopping you? Contact us today and get your customized flash drives without any hassle!


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